Upcoming in March: Read an E-Book Week, Followed by Guest Blogger Paula Butterfield

February has been shooting by, and I have not posted here, but let me remedy this before the month disappears completely into the rearview mirror!

8. spooky2019 - Read an Ebook WeekThe first week of March (March 3-9) is the time for Read an E-Book Week on Smashwords. I finally replaced the image on my blog from 2015 with one from this year–an improvement, I might add! Click the image at the right margin for a link to my book page on Smashwords.

Among many other bargains, I will have two books for sale in my LGBT romance Elsie Street series (Book 1 is free!). Both The Pull of Yesterday and Return to Carlsbad will be 50 percent off from 3/3-3/9.

A Goodreads reader called Jules from the U.K. gave Return to Carlsbad the kind of review that makes this author very happy:

Out of all the 3 books though, this is probably my favourite. There was at least some kind of relationship between two characters. There is at least, some kind of HEA. I think!!!!

It’s not that these characters are bad, it’s just they’re totally screwed up, by childhood abuse and self inflicted pain. They are all just messed up. AND…I COULD NOT STOP READING THIS BOOK. I could not put it down. It was like watching a train wreck, I was totally intrigued by what they would all do next and it was never what I was expecting. I also loved the author’s writing style, it flowed easily and I turned the pages pretty quickly. 

If you’re looking for something a little different and don’t mind poly relationships and possible cheating, then you’ll love this book.

Berthe Morisot book

Butterfield’s novel is now on pre-order and will be published in March.

Then in mid-March, Paula Butterfield has kindly agreed to stop by my blog with a guest post as part of the promotion for her deeply researched new novel about French impressionist artist Berthe Morisot, La Luministe.

A serious artist from a young age, Morisot fell in love with the married Edouard Manet, which I didn’t know. But Butterfield’s work also brings attention to Morisot’s groundbreaking work with light, which prefigured the work of the abstract expressionists. On this blog, she’ll write about the surprising links between Morisot and mid-twentieth-century painter Joan Mitchell.

I love 19th-century French art, and I love women who were ahead of, or outside, their times, so it’s a good fit!

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