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Belated Bloomsday Musings

Originally posted on Gabriella West:
Being interviewed is a scary thing. The folks at 1st Author Interviews made it totally easy for me to answer some questions about my writing process and my recently published novel The Leaving. I think…

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End of Year Reading

As the new year approaches, I’m burying myself in a good biography, something I love to do. This one is Douglas Botting’s bio of Gerald Durrell, which is available on Kindle US for the bewilderingly cheap price of $1.99 (it’s … Continue reading

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New Year; A Look Back at Reading

Well, it’s January 1, and last year was so busy with both writing and editing work that I didn’t get to tend to this blog as much as I should have. So here’s a little recap. Thinking back to the … Continue reading

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Review: The Goldfinch

Ah, The Goldfinch… This has to be one of the books I waited the longest to read. Got it on my Kindle when it first came out, was a bit put off by the hype, started plowing into the initial … Continue reading

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Singing a Happy iTune

Technology is a funny thing. I’ve always been one to be way behind the curve, and although I have always used Macs at home for working and writing, they are never the fresh and new models but reliable old workhorses. … Continue reading

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Doge’s Daughter Goes Free

Just wanted to let folks know that my erotic short The Doge’s Daughter is free on Kindle today and tomorrow (thru Wednesday 2/19). Pick it up if you haven’t already!

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I found Alana Munro’s Women Behaving Badly: Exposing the Truth about Female Friendship (Kindle, .99) on a site called something like Kindle Books and Tips, and I downloaded the sample. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting the book to be as focused … Continue reading

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Connecting the Dots: My Midlife Journey with Adult AD/HD Is Published on Kindle

Two anniversaries slipped by recently. One was the two-anniversary of publishing my novel The Leaving on Smashwords (May 30, 2011). It was my first step into self-publishing and I had no idea then that I would end up publishing so … Continue reading

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Rowling’s ‘Casual Vacancy’ Strikes a Nerve

‘The Casual Vacancy’ by J.K. Rowling, Little, Brown ($35 hardcover); Kindle ($14.99) Joanne Rowling is a woman with a ton of baggage. As her own writer bio on Amazon states, she’s the author of the “bestselling Harry Potter series of … Continue reading

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Bob Mayer speaks up

Bob Mayer, whom I mentioned in my last post, wrote this great new blog post today–very blunt, very scintillating–about the nasty divide that’s opened up between traditionally pubbed authors and indie authors, each claiming their turf and saying their way … Continue reading

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