Connecting the Dots Published in Audiobook Format!

Connecting the Dots

Now out in Audiobook format!

Have you ever wondered whether you or a loved one might have ADHD? My little self-help ebook/memoir, Connecting the Dots: My Midlife Journey with Adult AD/HD, published in 2013, is now available in audiobook format, at a suggested list price of $5.99! It’s geared to younger and middle-aged women, as women tend to be undiagnosed sufferers with inattentive-type ADD since we don’t typically present with the same hyperactive symptoms that boys and men do. (Though some women do have the hyperactive form of ADHD; I just don’t happen to be one of them!)

Confession: I’m not an audiobook fan myself, despite loving listening to stories on the radio, but I know many people are and that some folks find it easier to absorb information in this format. I chose Findaway Voices as my distributor and the versatile Daniela Acitelli as my narrator. Take a listen to the sample on Google Play and see what you think!

Here are links to the first online stores who’ve listed the book:

Google Play:

Apple iTunes:

Rakuten Kobo:

Soon you should also be able to find the audiobook at multiple other venues, including and Storytel. You can also request it at your local library through Overdrive.

Bottom line: It has given me a real thrill to hear Daniela voice my words. I can see why putting one’s work into audiobook form can become quite addictive!

From a recent 5-star Amazon review by Oregon author Paula Butterfield:

In Connecting the Dots, author Gabriella West balances information from AD/HD authorities like Dr. Patricia Quinn, Sari Solden, Gina Pera, and Russell Barkley with her personal story: a family background that overlooked, if not exacerbated her symptoms, adult relationship issues, and career problems. This was a brave and apt choice, since women tend to connect through stories.

One of the biggest gifts from the author is her tip-off about how difficult the diagnostic process can be. That may not sound very positive, but when she writes that “you have to have a lot of initiative to make it through these early stages”, she’s pointing out the irony for people who suspect they might have AD/HD, that “their very disorder won’t let them act on what they know.” The same person who has trouble focusing is expected to storm the walls of the medical/insurance fortress. A woman who seeks help for this disorder will have to locate a psychiatrist or therapist to diagnose her, often waiting weeks or months for an appointment, only to find that a medical professional doesn’t take insurance or works only with children. Be warned, cautions the author: this will take longer and probably cost more than you’d like.

But persevere! With diagnosis and medication (not the caffeine and alcohol often used to self-medicate), you can achieve mental clarity for most hours of the day. Your doctor can also help you with the anxiety, depression, or SCT (Sluggish Cognitive Tempo) that can accompany AD/HD. You can fundamentally change your life.

UPDATE: You can now find Connecting the Dots on Audible! And I have a limited amount of promo codes which allow listeners to access the audiobook for free at Authors Direct. Contact me for a promo code!


About Gabriella West

Author of LGBT historical fiction and contemporary queer romance. Copyeditor/proofreader.
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6 Responses to Connecting the Dots Published in Audiobook Format!

  1. Diane Hume says:

    Hi Gabby,I’m going to read your book! I found out I had adhd when my nephews were diagnosed. My sister in law read me the symptoms and I had most of them.  I’m especially interested in the dealing with brain fog part of your book. I read “Smart but feeling dumb” a long time ago, which I found quite useful. I realized what I had to deal with just to get thru stuff that was not challenging to people wired more normally. It was a great relief to me to find out I wasn’t self-sabotaging or under achieving, or any of that other garbage that people put on you and you internalize.Cheers,Diane

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    • Thanks, Diane! I saw you bought it today. Welcome to the official club 🙂 We can chat privately on FB if you want to discuss meds or anything. The book was written back when I was very pro-meds, but it’s something I am more relaxed about now.


  2. sweenglish says:

    Great job! I think with the podcast scene growing in popularity, audiobooks are going to get even more popular. Did you ever consider using free software like Audacity to create your own audiobooks?


  3. A. Reynolds says:

    Hi Gabriella, thanks for making the book. I chose the audio version as I’m finding it hard to concentrate on reading at the moment. I was very recently diagnosed with high functioning mild/moderate primary inattentive ADHD. I’m 39. I could really relate to a lot of what you wrote…even the bits about your mother. My own mother dealt with cancer and dying in the same way. This journey has taught me a lot about her…and myself. I’m still very much at the start of my journey. I wanted to let you know that you helped. Would be interested to know more about your thoughts of meds (I spotted the other comment)

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    • Hi, Ally! Sounds like we have a similar diagnosis.Thanks for your comment and for listening to the audiobook. I’m glad it helped. (Would be awesome if you could leave a review on whichever site you used, if possible…!) I’m going to email you privately about the meds issue. Not that I have *that* much to say about it, but I have a few observations 🙂


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