April Promotions

It’s April and we’re in Mercury Retrograde. Seems like a good time to have a promotion or two in the M/M romance genre.


A Knight’s Tale is set in 13th-century England.

My latest historical novel, A Knight’s Tale: Montargis, came out on March 6, though it seems very recent. It is more introspective and intense than the first book. Here is a review that beautifully sums up what I was trying to achieve with the novel:

A Knight’s Tale: Montargis is another great read by Ms. West. It takes off where the first book in this series, A Knight’s Tale: Kenilworth, left off. This book is just as sexy and romantic and oozes with similar medieval details and context but Ms. West digs deeper into the shadow of these characters. We feel dark things at work in their relationships that shape their emotional and sexual expressions. These characters are held back and determined by history that we gradually understand. Ms. West lets this tension simmer. Redemption is not always possible, forgiveness is sometimes out of reach and yet somehow love still tries to find a way.

The good news is, Book 1 will be free on Amazon Friday, April 6 through Monday, April 9!

I published my gay/bi contemporary romance Elsie Street way back in 2015 and have decided to drop the price to .99 for the forseeable future. It is already .99 on Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and Google Play. Update: it’s now also 99 cents on Amazon!

Happy National Poetry Month as well. I no longer do my taxes by mail, but I have a slightly surreal memory of delivering my tax envelope to a local post office years ago and being handed a copy of T. S. Eliot’s The Waste Land in honor of National Poetry Month! I think Eliot would have appreciated the irony of this.

I just found the 75th anniversary edition on my shelf and will have to re-read it.

About Gabriella West

Author of LGBT historical fiction and contemporary queer romance. Copyeditor/proofreader.
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