‘A Knight’s Tale: Kenilworth’ on Kindle Countdown through Monday


A Knight’s Tale is set in 13th-century England.

Just wanted to let my blog readers in the US know that you can get my historical romance A Knight’s Tale: Kenilworth for 99 cents today and Saturday only; it will rise to $1.99 Sunday and Monday before it reverts back to $2.99!

Reviewers have called it “captivating” and “extremely bittersweet and romantic.”

The sequel is on preorder now. I’m working away busily to finish it! I’ve taken the hero, Will, on a grueling journey through medieval France and Italy to a castle in a small town in Tuscany where Simon de Montfort the younger is in hiding, deathly ill, after a brutal crime of revenge he and his brother Guy committed in a church. (This historical murder was so notorious that Dante even put a line or two about it in his Inferno.)

And if you want to pick up Time of Grace, my lesbian romance set in 1916 Ireland, at the .99 price, now’s the time to do it. It will revert to its normal price of $3.99 on Sunday, February 11. I had a successful BookBub: my biggest thrill was briefly getting to #67 on the “Popular historical romance authors” list, something I didn’t know existed…

Thanks to the Hidden Gems Romance newsletter for featuring A Knight’s Tale today. And happy Valentine’s Day. I think I will post something unusual for V-Day–an interview with an ADHD expert that I dug up from my files about how to keep passion and interest going in your relationship. Applies to everyone, I think! So, look out for that.

About Gabriella West

Author of LGBT historical fiction and contemporary queer romance. Copyeditor/proofreader.
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