Shameless self-promotion…Time of Grace Gets a BookBub!

Those of you who subscribe to the BookBub newsletter should find a listing for my LGBT historical novel Time of Grace in your email or on the website Monday morning (Feb. 5), discounted to 99 cents, pence, or Euro!

But I wanted to let my blog readers know that Time of Grace is already available at the discount price at all platforms. Here are all the links:

That’s above, obviously. click here (Canada): click here

Amazon Australia: click here

Other platforms:

Barnes & Noble, click here

Apple, click here

Google Play, click here

And Kobo!

Time of Grace means a good deal to me since it is my only traditionally published novel, and it was published in Ireland in 2001, the year before my mother died suddenly — so she got to see me have a little success. She told me back then that she read it all the way through, but covered her eyes for the erotic parts, which amuses me more now than it did then. It took me until 2013 to publish it as an ebook, and it found an appreciative audience. The first time around, the story of two young women falling in love at the time of the Easter 1916 Rising in Dublin rather puzzled people…

I hope you enjoy Time of Grace! Please don’t hesitate to join my Mailing List, which you can do at the page above on my site’s menu. (I am writing more M/M historical romance these days, which doesn’t always interest those who only like stories about women, but I’m sure there will be more lesbian love stories in my future.)

And speaking of my Knight’s Tale series, the first book in the series will go on Kindle Countdown on Friday, Feb. 9th! It will be 99 cents for two days only, then $1.99 for two days, then revert back to list price on Monday night.













About Gabriella West

Author of LGBT historical fiction and contemporary queer romance. Copyeditor/proofreader.
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