About Me

Gabriella West, Bernal Heights, 2009

Gabriella West is a novelist and editor who was born in Santa Barbara, CA, and grew up in Dublin, Ireland, after her parents moved there when she was two years old. She has a BA in English and earned her MA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University in 1995.

Her LGBT historical novel Time of Grace (Wolfhound Press, Dublin) was published in the U.S. in 2002. For several years she reviewed self-help books for Publishers Weekly. Active on Twitter and Facebook, she works as a proofreader and freelance copyeditor.

She is the author of eight novels. Her latest is Once You Are Mine, a pandemic love story. Two audiobooks are available, Connecting the Dots: My Midlife Journey with Adult AD/HD (nonfiction), and Time of Grace (currently on Audible and Apple Books).

Gabriella West lives in San Francisco, CA.

4 Responses to About Me

  1. Will surely recommend this site to some friends! Very interesting site and articles. Really thankful for sharing. Regards,


  2. Hi Gabriella. I am actually working on a fantasy book for teenagers at the moment that I am thinking of self publishing. I have never self published so I might have lots of questions for you in the future. Thanks again for the reblog. Emma xx


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