A Note on Overdrive for Library Users

I was thrilled to see on Smashwords that three of my ebooks had sold to the Sacramento Public Library via OverDrive. OverDrive has been around since at least 2014 and is a distributor for libraries to purchase ebooks. As far as I know, all you need to do if you can’t find one of my books in your library catalog is locate the ISBN on the book listing and request a librarian to make the purchase. They very often will! I recommended my lesbian historical novel Time of Grace to the San Francisco Public Library this way, via an online suggestion form, and they purchased it for the system. (You can also browse the Overdrive site itself, where all my books appear. You can plug in your local library and see if they have my books. And here are instructions on how to borrow right from OverDrive. It’s funny that as a devoted author and reader of ebooks, I’ve yet to actually borrow one.)

I decided to check the Sac Public Library site and here is their catalog page for me. The ebooks are available in either Kindle or epub format. Pretty cool. My latest book, Once You Are Mine, seems to be appearing in a few libraries right now! Perhaps that’s because it had a BookBub promo in April.

Connecting the DotsAnd audiobooks? I currently have two out there. Connecting the Dots: My Midlife Journey with Adult ADHD is my top-seller. It’s available widely, both in retail outlets like Chirp (only $5.99) and Google Play, and via Audible, where it can be purchased with your monthly credit. You can get it via Bibliotheca as well, or Scribd, to name a few. Or newer mobile outlets like Bookmate. Sadly, the audio version of Time of Grace is only available on Audible and Apple right now. I’d like to change that as time goes on!

Anyway, this longtime library-lover is very pleased to see her ebooks getting picked up by libraries here and there. Thanks to all the hardworking librarians out there, and to the readers who request and borrow my books!

About Gabriella West

Author of LGBT historical fiction and contemporary queer romance. Copyeditor/proofreader.
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