New Book Out Now: Cover Reveal

Hope everyone is having a Happy New Year, or as close as we can get in these bleak times.

I wanted to give blog readers a look at the cover of my new MM romance novel, Once You Are Mine, out NOW.

It has been decidedly odd, writing during a pandemic, and especially finishing a book in December… just before Christmas. Usually I find that when I write I’m able to block the outside world out to a large degree. This time, I incorporated the pandemic into my story, setting it close to home in rural West Marin, and hope that the topical nature of the story makes the characters’ relationship and anxieties more real to people. We are all under strain this year, after all. I like writing about people under strain—it doesn’t interest me to write about billionaires, for example.

The book is a snapshot of the tense, troubled summer of 2020, when cases were rising steadily on the West Coast, but hadn’t reached the crisis proportions that they are at now. And it’s also a budding romance between two unlikely men who find refuge in each other at a time when forming a relationship requires immense trust.

Smashwords asked me to choose a logline for the book. I came up with this:

Released during a pandemic, Alex has nowhere to go. Will Terry’s love be enough reason to stay?

Find Once You Are Mine on Amazon here

On Google Play

On Apple


and Barnes and Noble.

About Gabriella West

Author of LGBT historical fiction and contemporary queer romance. Copyeditor/proofreader.
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