Happy Thanksgiving 2020

It’s a quiet, chilly, blustery day here. While the Covid news is obviously very bad, I’m trying to find good signs amid the bad ones.

So here’s a good one: Claire the Scottish Deerhound won the top prize at the National Dog Show! So much better than a pampered poodle. Claire is a happy, healthy, magnificent-looking animal, whose ancestors, I assume, were bred to race after deer in medieval forests. Only 600 dogs were entered in the show this time, and there were no spectators. Maybe this influenced the judges to make a more organic pick.

Another enjoyable moment this morning was getting the New York Times‘s Morning newsletter and seeing the selection of six-word gratitude memoirs they printed (in themed chunks). Here’s the top chunk:

The crinkling eye above the mask.
A furtive hug with a friend.
The backyard haircuts are getting better.
My choir still meets on Zoom.
Friends who give me streaming passwords.
Family reunion in January, before Covid.
Miss family, but safer for them.
Saved a lot of lipstick money.
More homemade pasta, no more jeans.
No shame in elastic-waist pants.
Braless at home? No one cares.
Mom, 87, rocking pretty, pandemic ponytail.
Teenage son still likes to snuggle.
My parents live two blocks away.
No better excuse to avoid in-laws.
This stinking year is nearly over.

I’m still getting used to WordPress’s new block editor, so forgive any stylistic eccentricities in these posts! Happy Thanksgiving! We seem to have saved democracy this year, and it was certainly a group effort. I am looking forward to the Biden/Harris administration so much.

And because Thanksgiving is always all about bargains too, here’s my contribution: You can find my LGBT medieval romance A Knight’s Tale: Kenilworth for 99 cents (reg: $2.99) over at Smashwords for the next couple days, with its follow-up discounted as well.

About Gabriella West

Author of LGBT historical fiction and contemporary queer romance. Copyeditor/proofreader.
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