Read an Ebook Week on Smashwords, and a New Book Out Too…

Busy week ahead. The annual Read an Ebook Week sale kicked off on Smashwords. It’s on March 4-10th, and four of my novels are discounted! My contemporary gay romance Elsie Street is free, while my three other books, including Time of Grace, are either 99 cents or $1. So it’s a pretty sweet deal, and I encourage you to check it out. Your discount is automatically applied at checkout. You can find a list of my books here if you scroll down a bit!


I’m quite excited by the release of my new book, A Knight’s Tale: Montargis, which rolls out on March 6 on, and is available to read in Kindle Unlimited (KU). The novel opens in 1266 with Will and Stephen in a place of safety (albeit exile) at Montargis Abbey in central France and takes them on an emotionally turbulent journey, including a long trek to Italy for Will to hear what turns out to be Simon’s deathbed confession. The book ends in the South of France in the year 1272, with Stephen confronting the actual burial place of his parents (who were persecuted Cathars) and their friends, and learning some of the hidden history behind their tragic deaths. Deaths, burials, sex, secrets, and infidelity are huge themes in this novel, but it ends on a note of joy. You can read a long excerpt from the new book here.

A reminder that you can pick up Book 1, A Knight’s Tale: Kenilworth, for 99 cents now.

As a writer, shaping these two books has been a tremendous learning experience for me. While I plan to bring out Book 3 next year, I’m playing around with the idea of a longer series set in the fourteenth century. This is the time of the gay king Edward II (the son of Prince Edward in my current books) and of the plague decimating Europe. It would be interesting to create a story centered around descendants of the characters in my Knight’s Tale books. We’ll see!



About Gabriella West

Author of LGBT historical fiction and contemporary queer romance. Copyeditor/proofreader.
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