A Jumbled Year

What a jumble this year has been!

We end the year with Doug Jones‘s historic win in Alabama (yay) and the GOP Tax Bill passing the House and Senate (grrr). Robert Mueller will either save us or be ignominiously fired by Rod Rosenstein’s replacement. So much is up in the air, but at least people are woke, to use a word I never expected to use in a blog post!

I have been very caught up in the #MeToo movement and news as well. This deserves a post all of its own. What lingers with me most are Uma Thurman’s words about Harvey Weinstein. “I’m angry,” she said, and, addressing Weinstein by name, “You don’t deserve a bullet.” She may turn out to be his greatest nemesis yet.

It has been simultaneously empowering to hear and see women speaking out after years of silence, and disheartening that we have all had to be part of such a rotten, brutalizing system. I remember naively thinking in the early ’90s that we could safely think of ourselves as “post-feminist” now. Well, nope–that was a little premature.

Book News: My novel Time of Grace is available now on all platforms, including Google Play and iTunes. Since Smashwords unexpectedly announced an End of Year sale, I wanted to enroll Time of Grace, at least. The ebook will be available there for 50 percent off, starting Dec. 25 and running through January 1st. (Update: My novel The Leaving is also available, for only 99 cents!) Note: You can still use the SW coupons provided onsite to purchase Elsie Street and its sequel for 99 cents each through December 31, 2017!


Book 2 of A Knight’s Tale, out early next year!

I will be announcing a pre-order for the follow-up to A Knight’s Tale soon! The new book is called A Knight’s Tale: Montargis and it follows the fortunes of Will and Stephen as they find a peaceful haven with Lady Eleanor in Montargis Abbey in central France. But when a notorious murder is committed by Guy and Simon in 1271, Will must journey to Italy to see an ailing Simon, now excommunicated and a fugitive, for what is probably the last time. To Will’s horror, it turns out that Simon’s very public crime is not the worst thing he has done. Expect the book to be published in early February 2018.

I’ve been a member of the bustling M/M Romance group on Goodreads for a while. They have an ARC review program called Don’t Buy My Love (DBML). A Knight’s Tale, Book I has been included in this program and a limited number of free copies (in mobi and PDF format) will be given out starting 12/24! You have to be a member of the group to participate; then just go to the DBML folder and sign up under the book’s name. Reviews are due in January. Just thought I would mention this here in case any of my blog readers are already in this group. For the record, I don’t have a problem giving out review copies to people who ask me individually, either…

Phew, I think that’s it. Stay safe, everybody, and Merry Christmas. We’ve nearly made it through 2017!



About Gabriella West

Author of LGBT historical fiction and contemporary queer romance. Copyeditor/proofreader.
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