For Smashwords Readers Only…

71tE6kkxQsLI don’t often do Smashwords-only deals, but because the site now allows authors to set public coupons for their books and showcases them in a Special Deals section, I decided to set my novels Elsie Street and The Pull of Yesterday both at 99 cents with a coupon (which you don’t even have to enter anymore–discount appears at checkout!).

The site is rather clunky, but I have always felt fond of Smashwords. I particularly like that they pay monthly now. While my historical novel Time of Grace has been Amazon KDP/KU-only for several years, I look forward to putting it back in wide distribution via SW in mid-September. (For those readers who have a Kindle Unlimited subscription and would like to read Time of Grace, now’s a good time.)

More writing news: I will have a cover reveal for my new book–an LGBT historical novel set in Medieval England–coming soon! At the moment I’m sitting tight till my beta reader reviews it and reports back. I thought I would be finished by the end of June, but for me, novels always hit a curious block at the halfway point. So I’ve had to have patience with myself for not wrapping it up quickly. I hope the book is better for the delay. It is certainly going to be longer than I thought, about the length of Time of Grace.

Expect to see something new from me in September, anyway, barring the beta reader giving me a thumbs-down!

About Gabriella West

Author of LGBT historical fiction and contemporary queer romance. Copyeditor/proofreader.
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