Elsie Street Will Be Deal of the Day on ARe!


Get Elsie Street for 50% off on All Romance ebooks March 2.

All Romance eBooks is an ebook platform focused on, well, romance, and to my surprise my latest novel, Elsie Street, has done quite well there as opposed to on the bigger stores like Apple and Barnes & Noble. So I was delighted when Elsie Street was chosen as ARe’s Daily Deal on Wednesday, March 2nd. Update…I checked, and the price has been reduced to $1.49 all day today!

What that means, as far as I can gather, is that customers are given the option of buying the book for 50% off at checkout. I thought I would share the good news and encourage readers who may not know about ARe to check it out. It’s a vibrant little site with its own unique look, and it’s fun for us authors because you can discount your own book/s at any time for up to two weeks. They are very LGBT-friendly as well.

(Click on the image above to get to the book page on the site!)



About Gabriella West

Indie writer/editor and author of historical novel TIME OF GRACE and contemporary LGBT romance ELSIE STREET.
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