HBO’s Looking

Reblogged from my friend Shannon Yarbrough’s site. I agree: “Looking” is a show that gives the finger to its audience. It gets the seediness and shallowness of the San Francisco gay scene right, that I will say. But who wants to watch?

The Lone Writer: Shannon Yarbrough you watch the premiere of HBO’s new show, Looking, last night?  If so, what did you think?

I had high hopes for it only because there hasn’t been a good “gay show” since Queer as Folk. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed.

In my opinion, this outside-looking-in type of set-up where the audience seems to be spying in on the characters’ lives and there is no direct story line to follow per show has already been done with Girls.  And Girls is so much better!

J got frustrated with the show and all of its gay stereotypes: the hook-up in the park, online dating, the Dolly tattoo, the threesome, the drug use, the pretentious dating, the sex…  To me, it hit the nail on the head.  The stereotypes are only agonizing because they are true!  For the majority, that is gay life.

The only things missing were a lesbian…

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