Fukushima: Pacific Ocean poisoned, millions at risk!

Fukushima-meltdown-prevailing-winds1Fukushima: Pacific Ocean poisoned, millions at risk!.

An important issue, which I decided to reblog. Click the above link for more info…

And here’s an excellent article from the Guardian:


It reminds me of the Chernobyl disaster, which happened when I was in my late teens. There was a cover-up there as well. In the days after the disaster, radioactivity-laced rain fell all over Europe. (Of course it was much, much worse for people in the Ukraine, closer to the scene of the meltdown.)

Anyway, I hope that the world can now turn its attention toward Japan again. History shows us that the health risks of these type of events are always worse than we think (or are told) at the time.

UPDATE: The Japanese government is now planning to build an “ice wall” around Fukushima to hopefully prevent further radioactive water leaking into the ocean. There’s a KQED radio hourlong Forum program about it tomorrow (9/5/13) and I plan to tune in. (Check out this page at any time to download audio of the program!)

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