New story–The Captain and Claire

In an unusual bit of serendipity, I had just published a new erotic short on Amazon, when KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) announced today that it is rolling out a new program called KDP Select. In return for not offering a particular work for sale on other digital platforms, writers get to share in a sort of “lending library slush fund” that Amazon’s created, since they are allowing Kindle Prime users to “borrow” one free ebook per month.

‘The Captain and Claire’ makes its ebook debut.

Long story short, “The Captain and Claire” is available now at $2.99, and can be borrowed for free by readers who have signed up for Amazon Prime.

Here’s the ebook description from the Amazon site; the story was originally published in Best Women’s Erotica 2004:

New York, 1930. Bubbly young blonde Betsy Parker is left a widow at only 25, after her older banker husband commits suicide in the aftermath of the Wall Street Crash of 1929. Her family sends her off on a voyage to England by ocean liner. Innocent and curious to explore, Betsy attracts the attention of both the ship’s captain and an experienced and exotic English artist, Claire, who initiates Betsy into the delights of lesbian sex. 

In this intensely erotic tale told in the form of first-person diary entries, Betsy is pulled between wild sexual encounters with the dominant captain and her deepening bond with Claire. Whom will she choose?

About Gabriella West

Author of LGBT historical fiction and contemporary queer romance. Copyeditor/proofreader.
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