The Leaving Gets 5-Star Review

It makes an author very happy to be acknowledged, especially by a fellow writer whom they admire. A New Zealand author called Kate Genet wrote a fantastic review of my novel The Leaving at the Kindle Store on Friday. She called it “A brilliant and beautiful book” and added, in part:

Absorbing is the word that comes to mind to sum up this novel. It is written in first person and has a distinct narrative voice. It is not light fare – it is a deep and insightful look at the character’s coming of age, coming to terms, and coming to acceptance.

Genet’s own work can be found here. She’s a vivid writer whose characters are often strong, solitary women engaging intensely with the natural world around them.

I haven’t given up book reviewing myself, and my next review will be of Found: A Memoir, by Jennifer Lauck.

About Gabriella West

Author of LGBT historical fiction and contemporary queer romance. Copyeditor/proofreader.
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