Bob Mayer speaks up

Bob Mayer, whom I mentioned in my last post, wrote this great new blog post today–very blunt, very scintillating–about the nasty divide that’s opened up between traditionally pubbed authors and indie authors, each claiming their turf and saying their way is the only way to go. It’s worth reading in entirety, but here’s what his message boils down to, I think:

“Here’s the real bottom line to the ‘raging fuck wads’ on both sides.  The day comes the other side offers you a deal, or presents an opportunity that’s good for you, tell me you won’t take it or do it.  Then I’ll believe you.”

As a writer, I think there is a real argument for fluidity, because we don’t really know what the future holds.

In my own case, I have several book projects on the boil or in mind that I would like to see in print in the next few years. And I hold out hope for that.

But having just gotten my first Smashwords and Kindle royalties in the last week, I’m feeling happy that I took this road in 2011 for my novel The Leaving and short story The Doge’s Daughter. They are being seen and they are being reviewed. It’s a good feeling!

Since I’m not one of the big boys, so to speak, I don’t have to angrily defend my choices…

About Gabriella West

Author of LGBT historical fiction and contemporary queer romance. Copyeditor/proofreader.
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4 Responses to Bob Mayer speaks up

  1. Theda Black says:

    thanks for the link – I didn’t realize how ugly things had gotten but am I surprised? Not at all. I really don’t get why it’s gotta come down to insults and attacks, but then I never do.


  2. Whenever money and ego are involved…


  3. Tina Boscha says:

    I hear you. I definitely do not regret going the self-pub route, but feel it’s counter-productive to argue any one way is superior. There are merits to multiple paths and in both there are strong benefits. I wish we could all just see ourselves as one group: writers.


  4. Thanks for your comment, Tina!


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